Warriors Settlers & Nomads

Who do you think you are?

When that’s not being delivered as a derogatory ‘put you back in you place’ statement… who do you actually think you are…Do you know?

WSN is based on evolutionary psychology, and another one of Terence Watts’ masterpieces.

It works by allowing us to really understand our true selves and our actual personality types. Not the ones we think we have, but the ones you were born to be.

Warriors, Settlers & Nomads is based on evolutionary psychology

So, who do you think you are?…

When you can let that statement, especially when delivered as a put down, bounce off you with not even the slightest dent to yourself, then, not only do you know who you are, you’re also quite happy with it.


Discovery & Learning

Discovering and learning WSN was another pivotal moment.  This method of therapy, once I’d studied and used it, many years ago, was like being given a key to understanding myself.

WSN is predominantly the only other therapy I use in addition to BWRT.  They are totally different methods and are not used in the same sessions, but they dovetail together so well.

WSN is based on evolutionary psychology,  it’s so fascinating to think that our ancient ancestor’s traits can weave together in forming the three distinct personality types that become your psyche and therefore you.

You may well think, behave and believe you are a particular personality type, when in fact, the real you, is something very different.  This is the influence that family, life, situations, relationships etc. can have upon individuals, and sometimes we do not think and behave how we were instinctively born to be.  This causes internal conflict.  Do you know the feeling I mean, going against yourself?

Discovering and understanding who you are can be very powerful, it can also help to release you from those internal conflicts.

So, who do you think you are….?