BWRT Training - Generation Z

‘If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being poor’

Since becoming a supervisor and mentor within BWRT, I have also written my own course that I have taught to fellow BWRT Practitioners.  It was from experience within my own practice and observations about the younger generation and how they were suffering from an extreme amount of anxiety and depression.

Why are Generation Z suffering so much?

Adolescent Mental Health

These are the World Health Organisation statistics from Sept ’20:

  • One in 6 people are aged 10-19 years.
  • Mental health conditions account for 16% of the global burden of disease and injury in people aged 10-19 years  Half of all mental health conditions start by 14 years of age but most cases are undetected and untreated.
  • Globally, depression is one of the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents.
  • Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death in 15-19 year olds.

  • The consequences of not addressing adolescent mental health conditions extend to adulthood, impairing both physical and mental health and limiting opportunities to lead fulfilling lives as adults.

Why are Generation Z suffering so much?
Generation Z - BWRT can help promote inner strength & resilience

Adolescent Health - Multiple Factors

There are many reasons and multiple factors that are involved in the outcome of adolescent mental health. Some are at greater risk due to their environment, living conditions and relationships, or lack of, with family members.


The reasons are many, and varied as to what causes mental ill health, but my research took me in the direction of not what makes so many suffer, but what helps some come through childhood and adolescence, (even though they may have been exposed to varying degrees of adverse experiences), what made some come through relatively unscathed.  This is where my research began from asking myself that question, and the research led to the writing of the course, which is, Generation Z – Teaching them Resilience.

It delves into who are Generation Z and what are their general characteristics and what makes them so. It also looks at many of the contributing factors of resilience. What resilience is and how to help the younger generations be able to cope with situations, life and themselves in a more productive and healthy way.

This BWRT training course is about helping to promote their inner strength so that they will hopefully be able to cope with life. Life is going to be stressful at times, you cannot stop that, but what you can do is instil the confidence to be able to posses the inner resources to come through. To promote strength rather than protect weakness.

BWRT Training for Practitioners

‘If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being poor’ sums up to me one of the main aspects of life for which generation Z know no other way to be.  They were born with a device in their hands and the connection to others via those mediums are so synonymous with their life and has a big impact, flooded daily with the lives, images, achievements, possessions, etc etc, of others.

The impact is not always positive and can lead to judgements, comparisons, feelings of inferiority and dent self esteem.   We cannot always change the world, but we can change our responses.

You can find out more about my Generation Z course here at the website.  The other BWRT training courses that are available are also listed there, including further information about BWRT and the training.

BWRT Level 1 Training

If you are also interested in becoming a BWRT Practitioner yourself, and have the relevant background status, then I run classroom based training in BWRT Level 1. Please visit my website at for all the information and the training dates that are available.