BWRT for Anxiety

‘I’ve done my sentence, but committed no crime’

We can feel anxious about all sorts of things, as anxiety is a normal state sometimes. For example, various thoughts, worries, situations and experiences, can cause that feeling.  We all at some point will feel this way, it isn’t always pleasant, but mostly can pass, as do our feelings and emotions.  We can be in a heightened state one moment, and then after a time it can be processed, altered, and will pass.

Sometimes, however, the levels and frequency of this state can feel extreme. Sometimes we know why this is, and sometimes we may not. Anxiety that has been caused by a past experience can long be felt after the situation is a faded memory, as it can attach elsewhere.

Anxiety reponds to triggers

Anxiety can also respond to triggers, these can be thoughts, memories, flashbacks, situational or with certain people, even family members. Flashbacks to previous traumas can influence this state and can often be overwhelming, PTSD is an example of this. Traumas come in all different forms and are not just assigned to battle scars, or accidents, although they can be. Trauma can be quite complex in its manifestations and this can be evident in feelings of low self worth, guilt, shame, problems with relationships, sometimes a sense that you don’t have control over emotions and can be felt physically as well, being on high alert or feeling jittery.

BWRT can help with anxiety & triggers
BWRT for Anxiety - modern effective therapy

When anxiety becomes a problem

When anxiety spills over into these above areas and impacts you and your life, this is when it becomes a problem and not the anxiety or stress that we have that can shift and pass. When you experience these feelings, including panic and panic attacks it’s always best to seek help. This can often be from friends and family, but it’s always a good idea to consult a medical practitioner or your GP.

‘I’ve done my sentence, but committed no crime’ sums up what it can be like sometimes when our inner feelings, or inner dialogue, get the better of us. Why keep punishing yourself?

Help for Anxiety

I work with these symptoms and this is where BWRT for anxiety comes into its own.  Contact me if you are experiencing stress or anxiety, as I may be able to help you.  Even though I use BWRT for anxiety and depression in many different forms, and to great success, I would always advise seeing your GP first or in addition.   Sometimes there can be physical reasons for the symptoms you experience and attribute to anxiety, so it’s always best to check with your GP.