Practice Information

When you have made the decision to seek changes then please contact me.  The details of how to do so are on the contact page.

Free Telephone Consultation

Contact me so that we can organise a telephone consultation. This is where we can talk about what’s going on for you, and how I can help. At the end of our chat you can then decide if you’d like to go ahead and book in your first working session and start the process of change for yourself.

Session Fees

Sessions are priced at £90.  The time of sessions can range from anything up to an hour or sometimes longer, depending on what we are working on.  Initial sessions can often last longer than an hour.

What can I expect?

Most people when they come to therapy for the first time amongst a whole bag of emotions, often feel nervous.  This is only normal. Making the first step into therapy is a a big step, and also a turning point.  It’s a step that that you will never regret making.

When you make the decision to contact me, we will firstly discuss things over the phone about what’s going on for you, and how I can help. Then, if you decide to go ahead we will book in your first working session for the next mutually available date.

Sessions can be carried out either in my practice room or on-line.  I work with clients and supervisees in many parts of the country and world, so location is no barrier to connecting and being able to work together.

Cancellation of Appointments

If you need to cancel, as sometimes happens, please give as much notice as possible.  Sessions can then be arranged for another time.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Everything is completely confidential and private.  No electronic notes are made, kept or stored.  All written information and notes gathered are stored safely and securely.

Working Hours

My working days and hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 8 pm.

BWRT Training

As a BWRT trainer I also offer Specialist BWRT training to other BWRT therapists, details of which may be found on my Training Page.