How to find me - Detailed directions to the practice room.

This is The Old Monastery in Windhill
This is the entrance through to The Courtyard

Drive up to this barrier, which is just before The Old Monastery Building. You have to put a code into the keypad behind the right hand wall. (Code given on request if driving).

If you’re driving I have a car park space.
Drive straight through the gap in the wall ahead.

Follow this path which sweeps round to another car park.

My space is on the right hand side next to the tree.

This is the second car park.
It is signposted ‘Lisa Jury Therapy'

Walk through this entrance to the Courtyard.

After parking walk back onto Windmill
You will find yourself in the Courtyard

In the entrance hall you will see my buzzer on the wall.  Buzz me and I’ll come down to meet you.

Enter the building through the blue door.
This is my practice room.