BWRT - Brain Working Recursive Therapy

How do I do it?…

First discovering BWRT was one of the moments that changed my life.   That was back in 2013, and since then I’ve been using it to change the lives of others.

How often are we aware of those moments in our lives that would be instrumental in changing its course forever?  That was one of mine, I had a sixth sense feeling about BWRT, that I cannot explain but has put me on the path of being able to help people on a daily basis.

BWRT is a breakthrough methodology that was devised by Terence Watts (Therapist, author, trainer, all round genius), and it is not only fast, but effective.

It changes the unwanted patterns in our brains that keep us stuck in whatever state we’re in, and experiencing the same issues that you’re finding it difficult to change on your own.

You don’t have to read my words about it, you can listen to the man himself…

BWRT Explained…

BWRT comes under the category of a modern model of psychology and psychotherapy.  Terence Watts first had the inspiration for BWRT after reading an article some years ago in The New Scientist about an experiment undertaken by Benjamin Libet in 1983.

This was the eureka moment and the beginnings of BWRT, which Terence first taught in 2013, and I was lucky enough to have enrolled on that first ever training for this therapy.

Eminent South African Clinical psychologist Rafiq Lockhat was also part of that first training and was so enamoured by BWRT that in the following year he became Terence’s research partner.   Since then, BWRT has grown and gathered momentum due its spectacular results and is used extensively by qualified practitioners in the UK, South Africa, and many parts of the world.

The Benjamin Libet experiment, which was the inspiration for BWRT, discovered that we do not have ‘free will’, in the way we may think we do. That means that everything we think, feel, do, hear, say, smell, see, respond to, etc etc., is already pre-determined and we know about it, in our awareness, 0.5 (half a second) later.

There is a part of our brain that governs our responses to everything, ie ourselves, others, life, situations, based on what it has previously learnt and then reacts accordingly.  Our experience of reality is actually delayed and after its inception.

The patterns that our brains have learnt, may have been useful at some points in our lives, or perhaps not, the patterns may have been created due to events, situations, experiences, or relationships.  Our responses are because of these patterns in our brain, they are just continued, regardless of how useful they may be now, or how they make you feel, or what they make you do.

Neuroplasticity should be shouted from the roof tops, because this means that patterns in our brains (or neural pathways) can be changed.  This is where BWRT comes in and makes changes in that delayed gap we have between the inception of these patterns and our conscious awareness of them.

It’s solution focused and doesn’t have to go digging around in dark corners of our psyche to discover when, how, by whom, etc these patterns were created.  You don’t even need to divulge personal or private information because we use the power of your own thoughts to make the change.

There is a long list of issues, problems and behaviours, that BWRT can help with, including trauma, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress. Disorder), grief, bereavement and loss, panic attacks, self worth, imposter syndrome, FTSD (Future Trauma Stress Disorder), fears and phobias, anxiety, depression, addiction, and also things like feeling overwhelmed or just not good enough.  This is not an exhaustive list and please contact me to see if I can help.

Medical and GP advise should always be sought in conjunction to therapy, and it does not claim to replace any detox or rehab programmes necessary for addiction.

BWRT Training

Level 1 Training

I am a BWRT Level 1 Trainer.  I know this therapy so well that I now teach it to other therapists so they can also use it to change the lives of their clients.  Details of my Level 1 training courses may be found at

As a BWRT Author I also offer a Specialist BWRT Course to other BWRT therapists, details of which may be found on the Training Page.